Saturday, 15 July 2006


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I got really pissed off with J today.

Why is it that men have this ability to just peacefully sit on their arse while you [the woman, ed. remark] are running your own off??

We both went out this morning to do our bit for Sport Relief (as should you; it'll come again next year like an evil mother-in-law to bite you on the arse).

We've socked it to poverty; click here to find out how you could raise money by not sitting on your arse quite as much
It was actually really nice; I ran my mile in about 8'30", which is not that speedy, I know, but I could actually talk when I crossed the finish line.

J timed me and met me with a concerned "get some water, you need to drink something", despite the fact that we run at least three times as far on a regular basis when jogging together.

Then we hung out in the park, read the Saturday Guardian (or at least the bits that weren't gone with the wind) and had ice cream and I had a mechanically recovered meat hot dog which I'm now really regretting.

And then we got home. I had only about 90 min i which to shower, get ready for work, put on laundry, do the dishes and take care of the garden which needs watering at least twice a day when it's this hot.

J nipped out to get some lucozade for himself, and I started on the watering, which is quite time consuming due to the hose pipe ban. Not that I own a hose pipe anyway, but still.

Then J got home, and he just plopped down on the sofa, declared out loud a list of things he'd do "later", and started reading the sports section.

Now, I know it's unfair of me to get pissed off about that, because theoretically speaking nobody, least of all J, was keeping me from doing the same (obviously I couldn't really read the sports section at the same time as him, since we only buy one copy of the Guardian to save trees, but hey, I like the family section too).

But I just get soooo irritated! I don't know exactly what it is that I get irritated about.

Partly it is because I feel he just expects me to do stuff while he can just sit there, although I know this isn't the case. He always asks me if there is anything he can do, and although he does it "in his own time", it does usually get done eventually.

What he doesn't realise, though, is that instructing someone to do something is almost as annoying as having to do it yourself.

It makes me feel like we don't really share the responsibility for housework etc; it's like he thinks he's doing me a favour by 'helping'.

Which in a way he is, because he doesn't have the same standards for cleanliness as I do. As long as all the remotes are placed perpendicular to the table, he doesn't see the dust on the TV.

But mostly I think it makes me feel that we don't really have a home together. It's been a long time since I mentioned this, but don't think for one second I forget that he isn't quite sure if I'm "The One" material or not.

And so, I blow little things like this out of proportion, because I'm always searching for clues one way or the other.

If I knew he loved me, I think I'd be more relaxed about it; I might still get annoyed but it wouldn't hurt as much.

Not to mention, I really hate procrastination.

So I did all the work, hung up the laundry and then napped for 20 min in a chair in the shade of my newly-pruned and watered garden. Bliss.

And that laundry better be folded up and taken in when I get home...

Bizarrely, though, as soon as I'm at work, I feel I can waste as much time as I like; I don't feel guilty about it. Because it's not my company; they pay me to be here and any work done should be seen as a bonus. I wonder sometimes if that's how J feels around the house.

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My favourite time wasting links of the moment:

  • Popcap web games: None above, none on par... The funnest web games around.
  • Handbag: It's like Cosmo online, except less interesting. Lots of competitions in which you'll occasionally get sent things like cheap, crap mascaras for free.
  • The BBC website: Read about the news. Learn Spanish. Get a Buffy quote. Check what that nasty rash on your scrotum might be. If you tire of this site, you've tired of life..
  • Gamefaqs: Plan how to get Ribbon armour in Final Fantasy, learn that there is no way to escape a certain zombie train in Silent Hill. Develop strategies for timewasting when you get out of work.
  • Wikipedia: Did you know there was this much to say about Discworld? Me neither. And it should stay that way.

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