Sunday, 16 July 2006

Yes, indeed you do... too much, I mean.

I am referring to a recent review I just received from one of those "I can't think of anything to write about so I'll review other people's blogs"-blogs.

I find the courgettes in my garden strangely sexy at the moment... OK, so I'm clearly not getting any.
Although mostly thank you very much for driving so much traffic to my blog!

For you people who arrived by 'recommendation' of the self-proclaimed bitches at I talk too much, I recommend reading the first post ever to find out why I'm 'J's girlfriend'.

Maybe I should review some blogs myself? Yes, I want to.

In fact: If you want your blog reviewed; honestly but thoroughly, leave a comment on this post and I'll try to get around to it.

Remember, you'll get lots of traffic from it, even if it is a bad review, apparently.

I received no spanking from the Bitches, which I guess is good since I technically speaking don't like to be spanked. I generally stick to giving great blowjobs, but thank you for offering.

Not to mention, I'm articulate and write for a job, so may actually manage to get a point or two across...

OK, enough with the bitterness; I should really not be blogging about blogging, because it's the number one thing that really puts me off when reading other people's blogs.

I have been feeling a lot better today.

I've just gone through one of those phases lately where everything feels crap, you can see your life imploding on top of you and there seems to be a smudge covering the pinpoint of light at the end of the tunnel.

There's been the cervical biopsy and all the gory complications including being forced to become a born-again-virgin; J feeling depressed, me being jobless soon...

Sometimes it all gets a bit much, even for the Girlfriend.

But today I slept in until really late, had breakfast in my beautiful garden and then went for one of those indulgent, guilty Tesco trips where you get everything you want and spend 1/2 hr contemplating what kettle descaler to get.

I cooked a lovely sauteed veg and tuna pasta salad for dinner and then spent a little while playing Final Fantasy X. And before you ask, I really do have friends, honest! but sometimes it's just nice to spend time alone.

Now I'm at work, and strangely, watching other people desperately apply for jobs I don't want seems to have a calming effect.

I feel lucky today.

Maybe I'll even get laid later...

~~~~~***** Bonus *****~~~~~

Tuna and sauteed veg pasta
(serves two generously)


Pasta, cooked to perfection (preferably something that holds oil well, such as Fusili or maybe a good penne rigatone)

Large clove of garlic
Good handful of green beans
Two large handfuls of chestnut mushrooms
1/2 medium salad onion
Two good handfuls of wild rocket
Sundried tomatoes; dry or in oil
Antipasto roast peppers in oil (optional)

Tin of tuna in oil or water

Some balsamic vinegar, ground salt and pepper to season
A squirt of lemon juice if you like

Parmesan to serve


Boil the pasta in salted water; take care not to overboil. Drain and rinse well in cold water.

Fry garlic until golden.

Top/tail and chop the beans in half, quarter the mushrooms and slice the onion. Add seasonings and sautee with garlic until soft.

Add the rocket and sundried tomatoes, stir until rocket wilts.

Toss in warm pasta with rest of ingredients.

Drain tuna and add carefully so that it stays a little chunky.

Leave to cool a little.

Grind over parmesan and more pepper to serve.

PS! I recommend using either tuna or tomatoes in oil; if they're both in oil it can become too greasy.

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  1. What an offer.

    But a bit dangerous, don't you think? And you might have to read the whole blog. Then again, do literary critics read the whole book?

    I enjoyed your point about talking to yourself, in your first post. You've inspired me to write something along those lines in the future.

    Also clever of you to have a first post which sets out the reason behind the blog... wish I'd done that (but then I'd need to think of a reason).

  2. Review me, review me :)Yes please.
    Do you have a phd in psych though ? You might need it.

  3. You must be completely mad. Oh, hang on... this isn't news.

    I had my blog reveiwed once, and it was really complimentary - I think I'll quit whilst I'm ahead, thanks.

  4. The one thing I failed to see in your post was the fact that the review you received was requested by you....just saying.

  5. Never mind all that review bollocks, I want to talk about Tescos. I'm really chuffed you mentioned it. I've spent some of my happiest moments there. Today for instance I came out of work, sweaty and in need of alkeyhol, but went straight to Covent Garden Tescos. I cruised the isles buying unlikely things such as a Butternut Squash, a bag of raisins and some Yorkshire Tea designed for hard water, all while happily listening to Serge Gainsbourg singing in my ear. I witnessed an incident - an altercation with one shopper accusing the other of ignoring their "excuse me". Brilliant Britishness, but no violence sadly. Hang on...for you it's corgettes, for me it's Tescos. Bugger.

  6. I've had several friends and collegues encounter the people "who have less of a life then themselves" who blog about blogs and tend to act like they have some "superior blog skills" that give them the right to be crass and bitchy. I've been over the I talk to much website a time or two at the request of some friends, and personally I could go on and on in my list of flaws they have, but I'm sure they'd have just as much fun on mine. I can't understand the fun in reviewing blogs, especially negativly. A blog is something personal, It isn't right to behave in such a manner that so closely resemebles some bratty preteens finding another's diary and making fun of it to the world. Yeah, bloggers are putting it all out to view, but someone must be extremely insecure if their fun is making others feel bad. This all seems horribly childish, if someone doesn't like a blog, then don't read it. Simple. It's time to grow up kiddies, and by the way, for people with a problem using single letters for names or other measures to hide identities, Stop hiding behind cartoon fantasies.

    Keep on doing what you do Sweety, most hostility found on the net is driven by insecurity, fear and needless hate. Just enjoy the increased site hits. ;)

  7. J.A. -

    With you just shy of the very end there.

    Some blogs are only possible because the writer remains anonymous. Or would be very different if the writer didn't.

  8. Hon - don't feel bad. My blog got raked over the coals too, and the high school snarkiness got to me.

    They did have their good points - I've changed my template and am attempting to adjust several posts to avoid hotlinking (I honestly didn't know how bad it could be if you do so). However, even though they have a disclaimer, and they use really filthy names on people, if it were me and I was called on the carpet for calling them those names, I'd (GASP) apologize!

    But I like your blog. I do the same things you do with regard to my boyfriend - just using his initial - gives him some degree of anonymity.

    If you want to review my blog, fine, but it's surely not necessary.

    One final thought - disclaimers are fine, but you still have to take a smidge of responsibility (meaning the happy folk at it2m).

    Thanks, and come visit me sometime!

  9. Yup, I asked for it *blush*... so surely this was all a lesson in the punishing qualities of narcicissm and excessive navel-focus.

  10. Like everyone who gets a crap review, you FAIL TO MENTION that PEOPLE SUBMIT THEIR BLOG for review.

    AND, NO, not everyone gets raked over the coals. Go look right now at Tuesday July 18. Or many other days, for that matter, there ARE plenty of good blogs out there, yours just is not one of them.
    All of the reviewers have their own blogs, that I, personally, have found to be better than average, but it doesn't mean they think they're "Blog Stars" or anything.

    If you can't TAKE IT, then, DON'T submit your blog, it's as simple as that.

  11. ah - true bravery from the anonymous post.

    how touching.

    now where were we?

  12. Thanks for all your input people... I just thought that by asking for a review there'd be some constructive input.. How wrong was I. But hey, lessons learnt, moving on. I'll now be looking forward to a whole lovely long weekend away from my PC.

  13. OK - one more note for the anonymous commenter - apparently you didn't read the response that the author left to respond to MY comment. Otherwise you would have found that she indeed accepted her responsibility about submitting her blog.

    Reading comprehension - it's for everyone! Give it a shot sometime.

    To j's girlfriend: Great posts! I'll be back.

  14. Now I remember why I asked you to stop by. I was hoping you could spare a minute to take a look at my blog and review it. I am very interested in feedback, but after reading this comment thread ...

    No, really I would like to hear what you think of my blog.


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