Monday, 18 December 2006

That's all I ask of you

An uncharacteristically uplifted post from me today; my best friend got engaged!

Ironically she called to tell me in midst of a routine "where the hell (if anywhere) is our relationship going" conversation between J and I.

I'm clearly in a "cheesy romance" sort of mood; when I'll get married J and I shall do this song instead of the first dance...
I shed a few tears as she told me, both because I'm so pleased for her and because the contrast between her situation and mine is so stark.

Her and I have been friends forever, and she's really like a sister to me (see, this whole thing has me pulling out all the clichee stops, but it's true!).

Her fiancee is a lovely guy; completely different from her usual "type" and it's clear that she's matured into actually wanting to settle with someone instead of trying to fix them (like I'm prone to).

The conversation between J and I ended with him agreeing we should look at how to finance a potential house buy. Who says peer pressure is always a bad thing!

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  1. It's good that you can be happy for her.
    I just get annoyed with my friends who are marrying. Selfish lot.

  2. Oh-oh...
    There's an interesting pressure added for the boyfriend of the best friend of a woman that just got engaged.

    J, brace yourself buddy.

    Just kidding.

  3. Well, can I just say, Metal Babble, that he's now agreed to "look at how we'd finance a possible house buy". So who's to say peer pressure is always a bad thing.. Last night in bed he said that "well, you nagged me about moving in with you for ages and it did work in the end, so maybe it's worth it" (I was asking why I can't have a baby when everyone else is allowed one).

  4. Hey,

    Have a good Christmas, all the same.

    I wish both you and J, good health, heart and happiness ... whatever the next year might throw at you.


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