Sunday, 14 January 2007

Don't leave without a word! That's an order!

Apparently it's national delurker week, according to this sassy lady.

Want to stage your own delurk; look no further
Delurking week; started by Papernapkin
And if fact, I am wondering if that's not such a bad idea. It's funny; whenever I post erotic fiction, I get masses of hits (people searching for a lot of odd things. Some good ones from yesterday:

  • "stockings and suspenders"
  • "her arsehole"
  • "spanking surprise"
  • "hymen regrowth" (HELLO??!)
  • "pumping rock hard"

And, my favourite, "gspot". Mate, if you feel you have to look online, you're extremely unlikely to find it. And anyway, the gspot is on the inside, so I doubt you'll even find very good photos of it.

So, you boys (I'm assuming it's mostly boys, but maybe I'm being sexist here), all of you who spend two seconds on my site, dissapointed that I'm not posting live footage of my pussy, pls take a moment to leave a cum stain / comment.

Not to mention those of you who trawl through the whole Erotic Fiction backlog; I mean, do you like it? Do you want improvements? I think it's somewhat thankless to read that much without letting me know what you think. What say you?

And lastly, I want to know, why are you looking for "her arsehole" online? Is it because your real life lady wont let you? Or maybe you don't have one...

My ex boyfriend was a huge consumer of online porn, and his excuse when I confronted him (I was disappointed he wouldn't do it with me; I loved it when he filmed me sucking him, but watching seemed to be a sole pleasure for him) was that "it helped him wank faster". That's when I realised he was too old for me. And, his second excuse was that "I hadn't been giving it up lately" (I'd had a busy week at work). Needless to say he was dumped as soon as I could muster up the courage to break his heart.

I mean, even after three years together we were shagging at least every second day, but mostly every day. So, he had to go three days without. Tough luck. When going through his downloaded porn I discovered he had a penchant for degradation of women (he liked videos of people cumming in women's faces then telling the girl to fuck off). Nice.

So, all you boys, get your girlfriend down and enjoy it with her. Make her masturbate to porn with you. It'll guaranteed be more fun than lurking on my blog.

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  1. I won't let them win. Here's a comment lol.

    And I've gotten some really weird search queries that led people to my blog too.

    Way to go with your sassy moment ;)

    I love your layout by the way.

  2. Thanks! Well, I never became a graphic designer, but at least I can waste time at work pretending to be one ;o)

  3. "And lastly, I want to know, why are you looking for "her arsehole" online? Is it because your real life lady wont let you? Or maybe you don't have one..."

    I read that and literally sprayed my screen with my drink through trying to laugh and drink at the same time.

    I too, LOVE your layout. It's nice to see something so refreshing.

    Here via Blogexplosion.

  4. Sorry sorry sorry. I've been meaning to comment about your last story-series. Blame my new antihistamine that makes me fall asleep instantly. Loved the story, love your site. And I will NOT be responsible for letting the terrorists win! LOL I'm gonna steal your graphic; that's awesome!

  5. Hi J's Girlfriend. Thanks for commenting over at my site. Now I'm here commenting on yours. I just got here, though, so I've got a little reading to do now. I bet it's going to be delightful . . .

  6. Speaking of people looking for naughty pictures...I get a lot of people each month going to my site looking for the key words "girls masturbating." There are no girls doing that at my site, but somewhere those two words are in my website and lots of unfortunate wankers wind up there. Imagine their disappointment in not finding anything like that.

  7. Thanks for visiting mine.

    The best search enquiry I ever got was 'cherry red leather knickers', not bad, as my blog isn't quite in the same catagory as yours. Like Michèle, I have some reading to do...

  8. overactive-imagination16 January 2007 at 13:33

    I don't know if it's actually considered de-lurking since I actually do post here....sometimes.
    Just thought I'd take a minute to say a quick *Hello*.
    I hope all is well.


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