Friday, 12 January 2007

Robbing the cradle part III :: Coming to get ya

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As we entered his spacious double room, Matt immediately went over to the TV and turned it on to one of the music channels. He then made a beeline for the mini-bar. "Drink?" he said, his nervousness more tangible now.

"Please," I said, more to make him feel comfortable than because I wanted one. He quickly knocked back a large whiskey composed of two mini-bottles, while mixing me me a rum and coke.

As he handed me the drink, I could tell he already had a hard-on, he tried awkwardly to hide it, but the front of his jeans were bulging in a give-away tent-like fashion. Even in my high heels I was a good head shorter than him. Tall men. They'r nice sometimes.

"Your cock does indeed look a good size," I said. He jumped, spilling a little coke down his hand. I grabbed it, putting his finger in my mouth. It was salty, slightly rough as I swirled my tongue around it and sucked hard. "Oh God," he said, blushing.

"We don't have to do this," I said, suddenly awkwardly aware of his young age. "I can leave. Or we can just chat and have a drink."

"No!" he exclaimed. "Please stay... I just... I just don't know what to do. I've... I've never..."

Oh. My. God. Mr Hot Young Football Player was a virgin. Sex twice my arse. It made me want him even more. His pink, soft upper lip, protruding slightly further than his lower one in that "please kiss me now" fashion, quivered slightly. It was clearly a sore point. And despite the red haze that was gradually covering my eyes when I imagined his firm buttocks and flat stomach inside his clothes, I wanted to make this good. I wanted to make it last for him.

"Don't worry," I said. "You're so hot, just show me how horny you are. I'll do the rest."

I sat down in one of the cream coloured huge chairs in the hotel room with my drink, and simply said, "Now strip".

I can't remember what music was playing, but he rose to the challenge in more ways than one. Fortunately he remembered shoes and socks first. As he pulled his T-shirts over his head, I held back a gasp. He was even better than I had imagined, every muscle in his chiseled torso defined, but not in a pumped up way, simply the way you look when you're 17 and like playing football a lot. His chest was smooth and tanned in a way that indicated he'd recently been somewhere sunnier than London.

"You're so hot," I said. "Want me to take something off too?"

He nodded as he dropped his clothes to the floor.

I stood up, and walked over to him, leaning in to his neck, grabbing it with my right hand.

"Take my coat off, gorgeous" I whispered, licking his earlobe. I could feel every hair on his crew-cut neck stand up. I stepped back slightly, and as he unbuttoned the top three buttons of my coat to reveal my breasts straining to escape from their nothingness of lace, I could see his hands starting to shake. "You're not for real," he said. "You're gonna rob me or something."

Yes, of your virginity, I thought, but didn't say it. Without a word, I turned around and walked back to the chair, slipping the coat down my shoulders to reveal what little else there was of my outfit. I could hear him gasp behind me. "Now get rid of the rest of your stuff," I said as I sat down in the chair to enjoy the show.

As he unbuttoned his jeans, he had to lift them over his erection to get them off, I could tell it was so sensitive it hurt him to do it. His white cotton boxers could do nothing to conceal it, I could see a damp patch of precum on his crotch, and as soon as his jeans fell, the glistening head of his cock protruded from the front opening.

His cock was amazing. It really was large. Not porn sized huge, but way above average and most definitely in the top five I've ever seen. Not only that, but it was beautiful too, unlike most Americans he wasn't circumcised, although the hardness of his erection as it reached across a mass of damp dark blonde curls towards his bellybutton had stretched his foreskin out smooth already. The shaft, dark with blood, was smooth and straight, and I could practically see it throbbing.

"Are you ready to cum?" I said. "What do you think," he answered.

I decided that I wanted to see if I could make him cum without actually touching him. I'd only managed that a couple of times before in my life, but I could tell Matt would be up to the job. There's nothing that turns me on more than seeing a cock pumping out its hot juice all on its own. "So let's see how you like pussy eating," I said. I leaned back in the chair and slowly moved one leg over the armrest to reveal my by now almost painfully wet slit.

By now Matt was clearly so horny he had forgotten to be shy. He was over in the blink of an eye, kneeling down in front of me and putting his soft lips to my wetness, shaven for the occasion.

He started french kissing my pussy like a pro. Clearly his tongue was doing its best to catch up with his cock, it was long, firm, supple, as he immediately started circling it around my clit, letting out little moans of impatience as he dug his hands into my buttocks. He hadn't been making this part up. He loved eating pussy. Unbelievably, I realised I might beat a 17-year old boy to cumming. Suddenly, he thrust his tongue deep into me, lapping at my juices.

It was only with an enormous amount of self-control that I managed to push him off me and drag him to the bed. "Please, sit on my face," he panted as he sat down on the edge. "I want you to..." I pushed him back, but instead of giving him the pleasure of my pussy face to face, I swirled around and positioned one leg on each side of his head, my lips poised right above his tempting erection.

As he resumed licking and sucking my clit, I begged him to use his hands too. He thrust three of his fingers inside me, and I started wriggling on them till he hit my G-spot. It was too much. The sight of his deep red cock head bobbing in front of my face, already smelling of sweet cum, tipped me over the edge.

I screamed out loud as I felt pussy juice gush out of me. I pumped rythmically on his fingers, and felt him withdraw them to replace them with his tongue. "So good... you taste... so... GNNNHHHHHH!!!" He grabbed my head, and I resisted the almost overwhelming urge to take him in my mouth and suck him dry. I wanted to feel his cum squirting out all over my lips.

I reached my tongue out and touched the tip of his shiny head, and he bucked against me uncontrollably, moaning and panting obscenities, sticky strings of thick cum covering my tongue as I lapped it up and he kept licking me and I could feel myself cumming a second time, and unable to hold back I took him in my mouth and sucked hard, his rock hard manhood stifling my moans.

To be continued...

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