Friday, 12 January 2007

Robbing the cradle part IV :: It ain't over till it's over

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Matt licked hungrily at my pussy as he continued cumming for what seemed to be like a lifetime. The feeling of his mouth attempting to devour me at the same time as his cum filling my mouth was delicious. And for him, at his young age, it must have seemed to go on forever. Ten seconds is a lot when you're 17.

As his magnificent cock spasmed against my throat for the last time, he stopped, I could feel his head drop heavily against my leg on the pillow. I continued to suck him more gently until his cock started shrinking slightly, then rolled off him, licking his precious drops off my lips.

His cum tasted sweet and salty, some of the best I'd ever experienced I thought at the moment. In the afterglow of an amazing orgasm I felt tender towards him, and moved up to the head of the bed, stroking his dark blonde wisps of hair from his forehead. "Glass of water?" I offered. He nodded barely, his eyes still closed.

I got out of the bed, grabbed my bag and headed for the bathroom. "Water's in here," I called. All was going to plan, but I wasn't entirely sure Matt was ripe to lose his virginity yet.

As filled a glass of water and turned on the monsoon-style shower, trying to ignore environmental warnings about London's water shortage, I heard him shuffle across the floor. His cock, completely unerect now, hung still impressive between his legs. He looked shyly at me. "I hope I did OK," he said. "I thought I was gonna pass out there. That was, that was..."

"No need to talk," I said. "Let's rinse off." We got in the huge shower together, and I felt a sudden urge to kiss him. As our lips met, I could taste my cum juice on them still. He was as good a kisser as he was a pussy eater.

I'd been right to doubt his readiness to fuck. Almost immediately as my hands started exploring his young body, I felt something hot thrust against my clit. His cock was getting ready for some more action. "I'm sorry," he mumbled between kisses. "I think I'll be another five before I'm ready to..." I decided not to tell him how that interval would most likely dramatically increase over the next decade.

His mouth worked its way down my neck, rapidly progressing towards my breasts. My nipples were rock hard despite the hot shower, and I wasn't sure if it was water or pussy juice trickling down the inside of my legs. I couldn't wait to feel him in me, but if he was already hard again after five minutes, I'd better find another way to make him cum first.

He pressed my boobs together as if to make them merge, taking both nipples in his mouth and licking them frantically. I slid a hand down his wet, hard belly, and was not surprised to find him so hard my hand almost acted like a wedge between his belly button and cockhead.

He moaned almost as from pain I pulled my tits from his lips and shifted behind him, pressing him to face the wall. With a bit of soap on, I pushed up behind him and slid my tits up his back, grabbing his wrists and forcing them to the wall. He was like putty in my hands, moaning again, louder this time. I turned his head towards me and we kissed again as I pulled him down on the floor, switching the shower off to avoid drowning.

The shower room was like a sauna now, all steamed up and hot. His body, sweating and flushed, was like a statue of youth as he lay on the floor underneath me. I could feel him grabbing for his own cock, unbearably horny still to shy to overcome the barrier to beg me to touch him. There would be none of that. I wanted to treat that hot, throbbing hardness all by myself.

Gently but firmly pushing his hands above his head, I rubbed my tits on his face for him to lick some more. He immediately started bucking against my thigh, as hard as when he first undressed for me. I couldn't believe he'd cum less than ten minutes ago.

I would give him a ride no American high school girl was ever likely to replicate. Licking my way down his ripped torso as he writhed in pleasure, almost giving in to the temptation to suck him for some more of his sweet cum, I gently spread his legs.

His arse was clean and dark pink, as virginal as the rest of him I was guessing. Prodding it with my tongue, it was firm and tight, and incredibly arousing. He grunted in surprise, but was too turned on to stop me as I penetrated it with my tongue. The sensation of my gentle tongue thrusting was too much for him. "Please, jerk me off, suck me, do something, I can't take it, you're too much," he panted.

I leaned over him, and not even needing to lube my tits due to all his pre-cum and our sweat, I took his lovely cock in my cleavage, incrasing the pace to match his frantic thrusting. His eyes, dark and wide open, stared at his shaft as it rubbed against my firm babies, squeezed together for maximum friction.

I decided he was ready for the full treatment. With my free hand I reached into my bag and pulled out my vibrator. The temptation to use it on myself was huge, but I wanted to take him all the way first. I squeezed some lube on it before switching it on. I pushed it gently to his moist arsehole, and it slid in.

With a slow movement I started fucking his arse with the tip of the vibrator while continuing to work him with my tits. His moans and grunts became gutteral, almost animal-like. To my amazement he pulled his legs up a little, pushing against the vibrator, wanting more.

"I'm gonna cum," he groaned, "I'm gonna cum so fucking hard all over those tits, do you want some cum, I need to cum..." I wasn't convinced he was even talking to me and not himself, but I didn't want to miss the money shot. And that sweet cum would not be wasted on my tits.

I bent my head down and devoured as much of his cock as I could take, even pushing it to the back of my throat I couldn't take all of him. "Yeah, yeah, yeaaaahhh..." he urged. I could feel from the throbbing that he was about to shoot his load any second. I pushed the vibrator all the way into his arse, and he came, even harder than last time, into my mouth.

I fucked his arse vigorously, he pulled his arse wide open with both hands on the bathroom floor as I sucked him. As he uttered a last, gutteral "Yeaaaahhhh", I felt his cum pump up through his long shaft, landing on my tongue and shooting hard into the back of my throat again. I couldn't help myself, I pulled the vibrator out of his no-longer-virgin arse and put a hand to my pussy, rubbing my marble-like clit to orgasm, collapsing on top of him with his softening cock in my other hand.

We lay there to catch our breath for a while until it started getting cold. Without a word, we both got up from the floor and went to bed. I think I passed out for a little while, sweet, post-coital rest where you dream nothing and smell the earthy scent of sex even as you sleep.


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