Friday, 12 January 2007

Robbing the cradle part V :: Take it home

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I woke not knowing where I was, my head heavy, the humming of the air conditioning the only sound in the room. As I started coming to properly, I sensed Matt's hard stomach pushed against my back, his hands caressing my tits.

I felt a rush of blood to my crotch as I realised that what had woken me was his scrumptious boy erection jutting against my already moist pussy. Was he ready to fuck me properly? As he rubbed the smooth yet veiny shaft against my clit, I realised I didn't care. I wanted him to fill me up, to feel his throbbing in my tight cunt.

"Make me cum," I whispered, my voice still sleep drunken. "You feel so good," he sighed. I realised he might have been doing this for a while before I woke up. Reaching between my legs, I felt the moist stickiness of our sex juices as his cock head bobbed against my palm. He moaned a little again from the added impact as I pushed it against my swelling pussy. He increased his thrust, and I closed my eyes, riding his cock quickly to sex heaven.

As his fingers continued to fiddle my breasts, I begged him to squeeze them harder. "Come on, big boy," I moaned, rubbing my palm on his cock head, so hot and wet. He grabbed onto my waist and thrusted harder from behind me. I felt the orgasm built in me, my breasts swelling in his hands as he licked at my neck.

He was lasting longer this time, just as I'd planned. Even with the friction from my thighs he wasn't at the verge of cumming. Feeling his hardness, not just his cock, but his whole body, drove me crazy. "I'm gonna cum, baby," I grunted through gritted teeth. He moved a hand down to my crotch.

"You feel so good down there, so smooth," he muttered. The touch of his hand on my clit along with his cock was what was needed. I came again, and as I felt my cunt spasming, I steered his hot cock inside me. He didn't stop rubbing me, his hand moving in time with his thrusting.

"Oh god," he moaned, loudly all of a sudden. "Your pussy feels... so hot... You're so tight baby, yeah baby, please baby..." He filled me up all the way, having to push hard inside me with each thrust as I shot towards oblivion, my cunt exploding around him, pumping and sucking.

I turned around to starfish him, pulling his smooth thigh to my clit. It was still sensitive, and I knew I could cum again in a sec. His hands grabbed for my tits, for my waist, my belly, frantically. His eyes were open and his pupils huge. "You're so tight, you've got such a tight pussy," he groaned. "That's how hot you make me with your huge cock," I panted as I felt a second orgasm follow hot on the heels of the first.

Pushing him onto his back, I straddled him, and looking down saw my slim body being pierced by his huge rod, I rode him like a birthday pony. "Let me taste you," he begged. And as I was cumming, I moved up and straddled his face, his tongue lapping up my pussy juices again.

I felt his arms moving frantically, and turned around to see him jerking off while licking me, slurping and groaning as he went. I wished we had more time together, watching him jerk off was almost as much of a turn on as sucking or fucking him, his pale hands working his dark cock at speed. I couldn't hold back and came so powerfully I thought I'd pass out. My gushing saltiness made him want more. "Let me fuck you some more, I can't hold back any longer," he begged.

I wanted to be fucked more by him so badly, to be fucked too deep to think about anything else. I turned around on all four. "Come take me with your hot cock, baby," I said hoarsely. He mounted me and pushed his cock into my still tight pussy. I let out a loud scream as he filled me up all the way and then some.

My body seemed to accommodate him perfectly. He grabbed onto my waist and fucked me with such resolve you'd think he'd be told he'd never be able to do it again ever. His cock was so thick it almost rubbed on my clit, his balls smashing against the sensitive part of my oyster with every thrust.

As I felt him grow inside me to the point of no return, I thought I might burst from being so filled up. "I'm cumming in your tight pussy," he said in a surprisingly clear voice, and as the word "pussy" passed his lips, I felt his cock explode inside me, his body arching towards me as he thrust the end of his cock to the very depths of my cunt, he continued fucking me deeply as he came, and what could a girl do but join him. For his first fuck, I felt I hadn't done so badly.

Of course, Matt never did get to see a lot of museums and sights that holiday, although his parents certainly thought he did as he excused himself every day to see "the Tate Modern" or "take a bus tour" while I slinked away from the office for "lunchtime meetings".

As he returned to the US, I could see in his eyes that in his sweet 17-year old way, he was coming to see me as a kind of sex goddess. I, of course, could entertain no such fantasy.

Although I felt warmly towards his sweet ways, not to mention the single diamond necklace he gave me on his last day there to adorn the cleavage that had given him so much pleasure, my heart could not be won away from my boyfriend, even by his hard body and lovely cock. And what would a girl like me do with a 17-year old high school boy?

So when he left, I changed my ICQ ID and never checked the old one again. He left only knowing my first name and my bra size.

But I've saved his phone number in a special place in case I ever have to go to New York on business. I've never been there, so who knows, I might need a local guide.

*** THE END ***

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