Friday, 12 January 2007

Robbing the cradle

When we first met, I didn't know what he looked like. Or what his voice sounded like. I only knew that he was a fast typist and that he couldn't spell "definitely".

Crotch and Boot
by Mo
He contacted me on IRC, which I had stopped using years ago, for a chat. "Are you horny," he said, no questionmark.

I wasn't, but for some reason I went against my usual instinct to reject all random requests and said "yes".

After thinking for a moment, I added, "are you?"

"Yes" he said. "ASL?"

I told him I was in my late 20s, in Britain.

He said, "17, M, US".

And indeed he was. But I didn't find out til later. All set for Scene 1, me in bed, randomly surfing, him in the basement game room on the computer, his older brother watching TV in the background.

JGF: "Tell me about yourself."

M17: "I've only had sex twice,"

JGF: "Did you like it?"

M17: "Yes"

JGF: "Are you any good?"

M17: "I love to eat pussy"

JGF: "Is that so.. How about having your cock sucked?"

M17: "I've never tried"

JGF: "Really? I bet you'd like it.. I give awesome blowjobs"

M17: "I think my cock is too big"

JGF: "No such thing"

And so on. "I have a huge hard-on," he said after a while. I could feel myself moisten, thinking about him sitting there, his supposedly large cock oozing pre-cum in his boxers underneath the desk.

I told him to jerk off. "My brother is here," he said. "Are you horny or not," I challenged. "Only if you do to," he said.

Without getting out of bed, I leaned over to get my "jessica rabbit" from the bedside drawer. "I'll pretend it's you," I said.

As I rubbed the cool vibrator on my swollen, slippery pussy, I imagined him, tanned, toned and horny, trying not to moan as his brother watched CSI at the other end of the room.

"I'm licking the head of your cock," I said. "Sliding my mouth slowly, slowly down your shaft, all the way to the base... Oh, I'm sucking you so hard, you taste soooo goood... Mmmmm..."

He didn't reply. After about a minute of non-replying, I closed my eyes and imagined him, rubbing his moist, throbbing cock, cumming all over his hand, imagined licking the salty stickiness off him. As I came, I thrust the vibrator into my hungry vagina, letting out a load groan and fucking it, making myself come a second time.

Then, five minutes later as I was about to pay my gas bill, he was back. "Sorry," he said. "Had to go to bathroom to cum Came twice!! You're the hottest girl Ive ever met"

"Or not met," I helpfully pointed out.

"I'm coming to London with my parents in a month," he said. "Can we meet?"

To be continued...

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