Sunday, 28 January 2007

That's it, I give up

I hope you're happy now, Blogger. I've reverted to my classic template because the broken-ness of my "new" one is giving me an ulcer. Yes, that's right, an ulcer.

It's horrible. The blog displays properly, but when you look at the code, the sections are all scrambled, which means I can't implement any of the things I'd like, such as peekaboo comments. And before you ask, I've tried

  • Resetting the widgets

  • Choosing another (original) template

  • Uploading an older template

  • Changing the code by hand

And nothing works! No matter what I do, the changes don't stick. Someone has suggested to me that it might be a server problem on the Blogger end of things, and of course, although I've repeatedly contacted them, there has been no reply. Arrrrgh!

I realise Blogger is a free service, but clearly Google is making money off us poor bloggers, or it wouldn't provide it.

Call it a symptom of OCD, but I really can't bring myself to blog anything until it's fixed. It gives me writer's block. I hope you're happy now, Blogger.

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