Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Since the last time...

I have done a lot... Amongst other things, it was my birthday. It has been a long year. Since my surprise party last year, lovingly arranged by J, which was especially significant since he hates both parties and surprises, I feel I have come a long way.

At the moment, I am reading "High Fidelity" to J at bedtime, I like the way he snuggles into his duvet with his eyes closed and sniggers at a dose of good old British self-deprecation. And so, I shall sum up my last year as a list.

Since I turned 30, I have...

  1. Cycled 1327 km on my bike - yes really! Ten a day adds up in the end, it seems. This I can tell because a kind friend gave me a speedometer for my previous birthday. I recommend everyone get one, the calorie counter is totally inaccurate, but still motivates me.
  2. Bought my own place.
  3. Partly due to 2, I have almost fallen out with most of my family and probably am acting like a spoilt brat. Do I care. OK, I do care, just not right now.
  4. Become a student again.
  5. Made at least one new female friend, which I find hard, so pats on the back for that.
  6. Made J move countries. Now he is looking for a job, and though we bicker, I think we will pull through.
  7. Visited Normandie for the first time ever.
  8. Knitted. A lot.
  9. Blogged, then stopped, then started again, then...
  10. Subtitled the DVD release of a major US TV show (I am still working on this... eurrgh. If only it was a good one I actually could enjoy watching repeatedly).
  11. Rounded 1.4m neopoints. And counting.
  12. Began doing yoga and pilates at least once per week.
I really think that amounts to a year of major achievements.

The greatest achievement of this year is still to come. J is picking up his mother from the airport. If you don't hear anything from me for a while again, it's cause I'm recovering.

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